* A little tour of Pokee's Place *

Big dogs love the fenced-in acre to run & chase, explore along 
the trails, fetch a frisbee, compete with Frodo in a rousing
game of chasing every tennis ball in sight, or just hang out on 
the deck.  Some might wander back inside & take a break and 
a snooze in the sun room.

Little ones enjoy a smaller grassy yard area just for them,  
a supervised walk along a trail in the fenced-in forested area,
or playing in a scaled down version of "big-dog-fun"
within their own
"Little Dog Play Group."  

Well-deserved rests & energy re-boots might find the big guys 
resting under the shade of a tree, stretched out on the deck, or back 
in the sun room for an afternoon siesta on one of the doggie 
couches or a dog bed under a window on the floor.

Little ones find their favorite nap spots in the house on a 
couch, their bed, or one of the many doggie beds & 
blankets we provide throughout the house.  

And then the magic and energy of dogs-at-play ... 
happens all over again!

Winter brings our annual 
"Doggie Winter Olympics" 
(also known as 'Winter Water Sports') 
in a duck-filled pond for the young & active.  
 Even the not-so-young yet still awesomely active 
love that pond.   The sight of bouncing! -splashing! 
-wet & happy dogs is an incredible one.  
If you're a water-loving Lab ~ and even if you're not,
you've found heaven-on-earth in our pond.
Just ask Pokee & Frodo!


The "Dedicated Doggie Sun-Room" 
is attached to the house and fully heated in the winter. 
The sun room has windows all around, 
full access to the outdoors,  full access to the indoors,  
dog-friendly snoozing couches, doggie beds, 
a community water bowl, a basket of toys & tennis balls, 
and a giant kennel for private time 
- that doubles as a private dining room at chow time -

This makes the Sun Room 
a favorite doggie hang-out & nap spot
for all of our canine visitors.   


Your dog is accessed by size, temperament, and age on your first visit; 
a fun & casual get-to-know-everybody visit we call our "Meet & Greet."  

Your dog/s will then be "paired" for play, naps, and down-time with others of 
similar age and temperament. Little ones hang out with other little ones; 
the active, energy-filled, teenage group romps, plays, and naps
together, as well.  Likewise, if yours is a Senior Citizen Dog, he or she 
will join our group of other old-timers who are given their due 
respect, space, and down-time with each other, too.   

Overnight & Vacation Dogs:  Your dog eats his or her own food on 
their usual & customary schedule, and sleeps indoors.  We are not 
a kennel facility.  As they do at home, your dog sleeps on their own 
bed or blanket, in their crate if you have one or in ours, if needed.

All dogs are accommodated in sleeping spaces or rooms within 
the house.  Night time may find one big guy in the living room; 
another in the dining area in their crate; perhaps another snoozing 
on a dog bed in the hall.  

Little ones usually find themselves exactly where they sleep at home,
too:   Snuggled into their beds in the bedrooms with the humans.  
(And we adore it!) 

We will administer your dog's medication if necessary.
Visitors are limited to just a few at a time ~ and one or more of us 
is always on site to provide the best possible care for your dog. 

~ What our Friends and Doggie Parents Say ~ 

One calls us "Summer Camp for Dogs;" 
another says we're "Disneyland for Dogs;" 
still another plans their vacations around 
availability for their dog here at 
 "The Inn."

Best of all, it's all in a family home setting. 

Long Beach WA
(360) 642-2944

Thanks for your patience while
The Doggie Sun Room
If we're the kind of doggie care you're looking for, we invite you to explore the rest of our site, then give us a call.  We'll talk about your individual pet care needs,  schedule a Meet & Greet, and take it from there.

Welcome to 
Peninsula Pet Sitting
--or as we like to call it--
"Pokee's Place"

* Now just follow little Beau 
where ever you'd like to go *
We're a family of long time peninsula residents 
with a great-big, fenced-in, critter-friendly yard, 
a critter-friendly little house 
a giant heaping of love for dogs
and lots of references & recommendations for you.
Miss Maggie 
               of Astoria
Sing it, Pluto!