Long Beach WA

*  Their food supply.  

      --Please mark your dog's name on their entire food supply,  -and- their bowl.

      --Bring kibble in a hard sided plastic container with a locking lid -OR- in a ziplock bag,
        clearly marked with your dog's name.  If you bring canned food, also mark the cans..  

      --For stays of a week or longer:  For kibble container refills, thanks for ensuring your  
           dog's name is also marked on their accompanying bag of kibble.  . 

 *  Preferred Treats
      --We have plenty, but your contribution to the treat supply is welcomed & appreciated.  

*  Your dog's crate, bed or sleeping blanket    

*  Ensure they wear their collar with ID

*  Due to our multiple fenced yards, no leash needed except at arrival and departure time.  

*  If your dog is a puppy or a chewer,  bring tough, appropriate, chew toys.  

*  Optional:  Preferred old toy or toys, if any
    --We cannot guarantee the condition of toys upon return, so ensure they are old ones
      that can be lost or destroyed.  An old tennis ball or two is always appreciated if your
      dog likes to play ball, as they get lost on the property regularly!      ..  


What to bring when your dog comes to stay
     In advance of your dog's first stay, please ensure the following:  
(1)  That your "Meet & Greet" has taken place. 
(2)  Your Registration/Intake Form has been filled out and submitted.  

(3)  Your dog's veterinary records ( proof of vaccinations and bordetella immunization) are also on file. 
(4)  Your dog's reservation --with arrival & departure dates and times-- has been confirmed.  


Your dog is a daytime visitor 
while you work 
-or take an occasional day trip-

Call for Details 

Your dog vacations with us
while you take one of your own
-or enjoy a weekend away-

24/7 Around the Clock Care

Our 'Meet & Greet' Policy is simple:  Let's do it! 

We want you to arrange a first visit.  In fact, we would expect no less.  We're sure you will want to come by, get to know us, meet Host-Dog Pokee-the-Brittany, and look the place over before you make a commitment ~ and otherwise feel comfortable having us care for your dog.  
Likewise, we want to meet you and -especially- your dog!  

We're not a drop-in facility.  
Call and we'll set an appointment to meet.  
Caring for your dog is serious business.  This is, after all, a member of your family and 
we get that.  For this reason, this page is appropriately named and lengthy because it is
full of important details.  

Some of it is strictly informational; some outlines the requirements we insist upon 
for the safety of your dog and all visitors.  

If you don't find it here, we're just a phone call away. 
Don't hesitate to call with any questions you might have.

If you missed it, see our About Us page, then return here.  

Other places might call them "Boarding Dogs."  
We call them "Vacation Dogs" because that's what it's all about here at Pokee's Place  
Your dog is on vacation with us ~ while you take one of your own.   

Vacation Dogs are our most popular service with most visitors falling into this category.  
Vacation Dogs stay with us around the clock while you're out of town.  
These doggie vacations range from a weekend to a week, to two weeks and even longer.  

While here, your dog eats their usual & customary food ~ on his or her own usual schedule.  
All dogs are separated and given "private dining time" for their meals,, as well as
individual/private sleeping space within the house or sun room.  

If yours is a two-dog family, we will accomodate them snoozing together here 
if that's what they're used to at home.   

If your upcoming vacation is set to be a long one - or perhaps your dog has rarely been away from you, 
our preferred way to help your dog be comfortable for their stay with us is to have them visit a time or two prior to your vacation.  We'll schedule a Day Care day, perhaps an overnight or a weekend to get them comfortable and acclimated to being away from you and staying here with us.  

We find that dogs and their people end up very happy with this arrangement 
and happy dogs and their parents are exactly what we strive for! 


A completed Intake/Registration, copies of your dog's current vaccination records 
and proof of bordetella must be submitted and on file prior to your pet's first stay.  

*See Intake Form * 

As an alternative to our online Intake & Registration or PDF, 
a hard copy of this form will gladly be made available to you during our Meet & Greet.  
-- We offer two categories of care --


For the health and safety of all dogs, your dog must be current on their annual 
vaccinations (rabies, parvovirus, adenovirus-2 --hepatitis vaccine-- and distemper).  
In addition, your dog must have had a bordetella shot or intra-nasal spray 
of bordetella within the past year. 
Bordetella takes 7 days to become effective, so please plan in advance. 

Flea Control:  Due to environmental fleas on the peninsula, a monthly application
                                            of Advantage, Advantix, or Frontline is required for your dog. 

Vaccination and flea-control requirements are a no exceptions policy.


If you're a Pacific or Clatsop County local in need of occasional day care for your dog -- or while 
you run to Portland or Seattle for the day,  we're here for you ... and just a phone call away for information.

At this time, limited space is available for five-day-a-week regular DayCare visitors.      
However ... don't let this stop you from inquiring!  Full time space can open up at any time.
By contrast, one or two day a week regular DayCare can usually be accommodated.

A final word about Doggie DayCare:
Once established, your DayCare dog is welcome to become a Vacation Dog when needed.  
One of the benefits of being a DayCare dog is that your dog then becomes an established visitor 
within the fold of Pokee's Place Pals.  When you take off for a weekend, your dog has a 
home-away-from-home for that same weekend.  
Works out *great* for everybody!!!

             DAYCARE DOGS:

       *  Ensure they wear their collar with ID
       *  A small supply of favorite treats
           --or a larger supply to last a few visits.
  Treat bags may be marked with your dog's name -- or go in 
  the general treat bin to be shared with everyone.  Your choice!.

360 642-2944
Phone Hours:  
Due to the daily arrivals and departures of our DayCare dogs,
 best time to call is:
10:00am - 5:00pm
12-noon to 5:00 on Sundays 

EMAIL:  peninsula.pet.sitting1@gmail.com
Please allow up to 24 hours for an email response. 

~We look forward to hearing from you~
* WOOF! *

If you become a Pokee's Place client, we want you to remember:
We are not a large operation with unlimited room.
Our yard is fenced and huge and perfect for your dog to run, chase frisbees, and have fun!
By contrast, the house is the size of a postage stamp and accomodates
only so many overnight visitors, who all get their own personal sleeping space at night.

Therefore ... 
canine visitors are limited to just a few at a time.

Reservations are not just appreciated, they are essential. 

Please plan for your dog's overnight, weekend, or vacation stay as far in advance as possible.  
You are welcome to make reservations up to six months in advance to ensure space is available.

We are happy to take your reservation or inquiry by phone or email.  

2011 News:  A nominal Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday surcharge will be instituted this year.

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