Foxy Little
Long Beach WA

Adorable Little HEIDI Girl
"When "Mum & Dad" go out of town and can't take us along, there's only one place we''d rather be, and that's with Luke and Debby and Lanie and Pokee.  WOOF, WOOF!"

                                        -Kanga & Joey, 
Courtesy of Mum & Dad, Helen & Mark
Champion Ball Catcher "Mr. Goofy!" 
catching his ball at the Beach
at our beautiful 
Cape Disappointment State Park in Ilwaco
I knew I had to find a "home away from home" for Lana when I was forced to be away for my job.  I visited the pet store one day and they recommended Peninsula Pet Sitting.  I called and went to visit for an inspection. I was impressed by the ‘hominess’ and security of the place.  Lana also seemed to be at home right away and took to their dog Pokee also, not something she always does.  But Debbie knows how to handle Lana.  We now call her the “Dog Whisperer of Long Beach.” 

Lana is always excited when we turn into the driveway because she knows she is going to see Debbie and her family who treat her like their own.  Lana always comes home happy, tired and well cared for. I am able to concentrate on my work and not worry about her sitting in a cage or some cold concrete run at the kennel. 

I have every confidence for Lana's happiness, safety and well being when she is with her Aunti Deb, Lanie, Luke, and "Cousin Pokee" dog.     

-Lana's Mom, Karen
Long Beach, WA
Because I travel for work, I waited several years to get a dog.  Often, I am gone for weeks in a row, although always get home on weekends.  Then, after a call from the Clatsop County Shelter, I rescued my new dog, Lana. 
        The gorgeous 
Miss LANA Turner
~ Posing at the Beach ~
   (and living up to her name)
Five Stars for Peninsula Petsitting!

If your pet is anything like our dog Heidi, she is a part of the family and it is just terrible if you can’t take her with you when you go on vacation or even when you just have to be gone all day long.  The thought of leaving Heidi in a cage like they do at a kennel is out of the question for us.

When we drive up to leave Heidi at "Pokee's Place," she gets excited and can’t wait to go in and see Debbie and all of her dog buddies.  We truly believe that Heidi always has a wonderful time when she stays with Debbie and Luke and that she gets lot’s of loving attention and, probably more play time than she normally gets when she’s at home with us.  

It’s impossible to put a value on the peace of mind we have when Heidi is in Debbie and Luke and Lanie’s care.  We highly recommend Peninsula Pet Sitting!!

                                                            Dick and Lani Brown
 Ocean Park, WA
The Adorable 
Otto's Parents

We love Pokee and his family so much that Pokee is on speed dial on our cell phone!  All I can say is that "Pokee's Place" is the best, and nothing is better than knowing that when the family goes out of town, Otto gets to go to Summer Camp at Pokee's.  

When we take the first turn onto their road, the whining and whimpering the time Otto is throught the gate, he's at a full run, and doesn't stop until he sees Pokee and Debbie and the family.  I don't think I could imagine a more ideal setting for a dog that loves the freedom and wildness of the outdoors, and the comfort of a family home.  

This is a one of a kind place, and I am forever grateful for knowing that we can travel guilt free.  For all Otto knows, we're still at home and he's at camp for enrichment!!
The Oman's.....Phil, Cynthia, Karl, and Marina 
From the very first time I dropped Coco Channel and Emma Peel off for a short stay of a few hours to introduce them to Pokee the Brittany and his family, they've enjoyed their 'vacations at the spa'. 

I'm not there so don't know exactly what happens but I know they must really enjoy themselves. 
They practically leap out of the car once I turn into the driveway and start whining and barking for Pokee to come out and play.  I think they must play 24/7 because it usually takes them a full day after returning home to recover their normal energy level.

Emma especially loves little Heidi and doesn't want to come home if she is there. Luke and Debbie take very good care of them and watch all dogs in their care constantly and see that they get exercised. 

When I come to pick them up they are happy to see me and then act like, "oh well, you're back .. but we were really busy havin' fun!"  

I highly recommend putting your four legged 'kids' in Peninsula Pet Sitting's care.

Coco & Emma's Mom, Gerrie
Long Beach. WA
MEET "A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous...”
And her equally classy,fabulous      and adorable little sister...
We know them around here simply as . .  

~ LANA ~
I have never written a testimonial or a recommendation before and being a Beagle and not having opposable thumbs, it's not very easy to type.  However, I feel so strongly about Miss Debbie and the gang at Peninsula Petsitting that I just had to do it! 
We are so lucky to run around and explore their yard.  They have so many interesting and fun things to look at and sniff, but I think my favorite part is that there is a sunroom just for us!  As you know, there is nothing better than laying on your back for a nice snooze in the sun! 

For the first time, I don't mind so much if my parents have to go away for a little bit (but don't tell them I said that because I can usually guilt them into a few extra treats when they come back!)  

-Maggie Matteo
Astoria, OR
I will be the first to admit that I can be something of a baby sometimes - I don't like to let my parents out of my sight for very long and I especially don't like to be left with strangers. The first time I walked into Miss Debbie's, I knew that this was a place I would be happy. Pokee-the-Brittany immediately let me know that he was happy that I was there and that he doesn't mind sharing his family and especially his mom with others. And what a mom he has!  She is so kind and loving to everyone and is genuinely concerned with my well being, as well as my parents and all my friends that visit. 

P.S.  Here's another reason I like coming to Pokee's Place 
Around here, this adorable guy is also known as

Handsome Mister OTTO 
"Our dogs, River and Skye, have been vacationing at Peninsula Pet Sitting -"Pokee's Place"- for years now.  They love to visit Pokee and his family.  When we arrive, River and Skye leap out of the truck enthusiastically and immediately start running around with Pokee, playing and having fun. (He is a very good host.)  They LOVE it there so much that they don't even notice when we leave!! 

We have used Peninsula Pet Sitting regularly for our vacations of two or more weeks, as well as occasional Day Care. Without exception, they have always been very well taken care of, exercised, played with, and loved!
Probably the most important thing about leaving your canine family members with someone else is to know that they will make the right decision if an emergency should arise. Through experience, we know and trust "our girls" are in the best hands.  This family provides a wonderful service here on the peninsula..... Thank you!"
Alison and Scott 
Ocean Park, WA 
Big Cutie-Pie 
~ ME ~ 
Outside at Pokee's
"Over an acre of fenced ground puts me & my nose in Beagle-Sniffing-Heaven"

~ ME ~ 
On Pokee's Deck
"Every now & then, the humans ask me to pose like this .  I don't mind, really, because treats always follow ... and then I get back to a Beagle's "real job," the important stuff called 
S-N-I-F-F-I-N-G-!!  .
                      Just look at all my new friends!!                                                                                         -Maggie

Another "Barkamonial"

                                    " Is it Thursday yet? "  

Mom takes me to Pokee's Place on Thursdays so she can go play some silly game she calls “golf.”  

                                I LOVE THURSDAYS! 

I know what day it is and start to pace and whine long before we actually get to the gate.  And once I’m inside?  WOW what fun I have.  There are usually several of my buddies around to play tag, chase a stick, or just wrestle with.  

There's only one problem with the place:  I really wish there was another Boxer there because no one seems to know how to box.
When I get home in the afternoon, I eat a big dinner and then find a comfy spot on the couch to relax.  Lots of times I dream about my day at “doggie day care” and run and bark in my sleep.  Mom thinks it’s cute.  And if I’m really lucky?  I get to go on days other than Thursdays.  Maybe Mom will start playing more of that silly “golf” game thing when the weather gets better.

This is where my Mom goes on Thursdays.
And this is where I get to go on Thursdays 
Look at this sweet face! 

   ~ adorably awaiting her night-time treat ~
Falling head-over-heels for this sweet girl 
was not at all difficult.  
We did just that ... from day one!

Peninsula Pet-Sitting is not only like "Doggie Disneyland” – it’s like "Doggie Disneyland with Grandma!"  

Our dog Rosie had a wonderful time at Peninsula Pet Sitting in Long Beach.  She romped and played and socialized with other dogs.  We had just adopted Rosie about 3 weeks prior to our vacation in Long Beach.  We were still getting used to her and she was still adjusting to us.  We felt it important that she be with us on this vacation, but our resort did not allow pets onsite.  

We boarded Rosie at Peninsula Pet-Sitting at night.  Debbie and her family were very flexible in working with our schedule on this arrangement.  We would pick Rosie up during the day to spend time with us, and Debbie always had a day-bag of treats and a water bowl ready for us to take with us.  We’d drop Rosie off in the evenings, and she would run and play with her friends, again under Debbie's watchful care.  Rosie had a great time in a safe, controlled, well-ordered, loving environment. 

Rosie not only had a great time at Peninsula Pet-Sitting, she also learned from Debbie and the other dogs.  Debbie took the time to teach Rosie new behaviors and comfort levels with new experiences.  For example, Rosie was not all that interested in “rawhides” for chewing and we happened to mention this to Debbie.  She “taught” Rosie what a great thing rawhides were by lining up the dogs and giving each one a rawhide to chew on.  Rosie was last in line.  After seeing the enthusiasm of her “pack-mates,” Rosie was more than ready for her treat!  And she LOVES rawhides now.   

On another occasion, we mentioned that Rosie did not like jumping into the car on her own.  Debbie immediately began working with Rosie on this task.  We’re seeing improvement in Rosie’s comfort level and willingness to jump into the car on her own now.  This is indicative of how Debbie tries to teach the dogs under her care.  She knows enough “doggie psychology” to make it work!  

Words fail us to adequately describe our experience with Peninsula Pet-Sitting -- or "Pokee's Place" as they also call it in Long Beach.  We highly recommend Debbie and her family at Peninsula Pet-Sitting!

The Hansen Family
Puyallup, WA
YAY Mom!  
Thank you, Mom!!

Our boy Frodo just cannot wait to visit Pokee and his friends!  
He sings in the car the entire way and once through the gate, he happily trots 
down the driveway in anticipation of another fun day with his pals.  

Not only does Frodo get the extra daily exercise he needs, 
he truly enjoys the socialization with the other dogs. 

Pokee's Place is the best!
                                                                                                -Mister Frodo's Parents
A few words about Pokee's Place
and a few of his friends at Pokee's 
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